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  • Ongoing Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

    Many commercial spaces are completely carpeted. The hallways of many office buildings, schools, and banks are carpeted from wall to wall, softening the sounds of footfalls and creating an environment where workers can concentrate on productivity, rather than being distracted by the incessant, irregular clatter of shoe soles and the… Read more »

  • Efficient Emergency Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

    There are few things more unpleasant for a homeowner to face – other than perhaps a destructive fire – than a large mass of carpeting that has become thoroughly drenched by some kind of flooding. It does not matter if your house has been wet down by the overflowing of… Read more »

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

    The carpets found in commercial properties range in size from large to enormous, and cleaning is a similarly hefty project. A thorough cleaning of such a large area of rug lies well outside the daily capabilities of even the most dedicated janitor, and a surface vacuuming is about the best… Read more »

  • The Need for Emergency Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

    Regardless of which of the thousands of possible reasons that a carpet becomes soaked or soiled – an overflowing stream, a burst pipe, windows blown open during a torrential thunderstorm – there is a strong need for emergency carpet cleaning in Sydney when such an event occurs. Commercial or residential,… Read more »

  • Coping with Carpet Water Damage

    It would certainly not be exaggerating to say that moisture in any form is the foe of carpeting, and, by extension, of the carpet’s owner, whether the floor covering in question is the wall to wall carpeting in your living room, or the rugs which sheet the floors in a… Read more »

  • Reliable Carpet Cleaning for Sydney Buildings

    When you are dealing with a flooded home or workspace, with carpets, wallpaper, furniture, and floorboards soaking up water or sewage, and the risk of permanent damage or later mould and mildew increasing by the hour, the last thing you want to do is need to deal with evasive, shifting… Read more »

  • Twenty Four Hour Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

    Although a wet carpet might not seem like an emergency that calls for immediate assistance even in the middle of the night, and although some people might think that such a carpet can be safely “left until morning”, the actual fact is that nothing could be further from the truth.… Read more »

  • Emergency Carpet Cleaning for Sydney Homes and Offices

    Both the failure of human constructed water delivery systems such as pipes and sewer mains, and the insensate but powerful wrath of nature, can cause sudden flooding problems in any kind of inhabited space, from a cosy little bungalow nestled on the outskirts of the city to an ultramodern office… Read more »