The Need for Emergency Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

Regardless of which of the thousands of possible reasons that a carpet becomes soaked or soiled – an overflowing stream, a burst pipe, windows blown open during a torrential thunderstorm – there is a strong need for emergency carpet cleaning in Sydney when such an event occurs. Commercial or residential, single-room or whole-building, any type of carpet flooding should be dealt with promptly – a specialty of Spotless Cleaning Solutions – to prevent water damaged carpet and worse.

Water and dirt that are trapped in a carpet will not leave quietly on their own, or at least not before inflicting damage on both the possibly expensive carpeting itself and on the floor beneath. A carpet is naturally absorbent and will hold a large quantity of water. Thanks to the effects of gravity, most of the water will be concentrated in the portion of the carpet resting against the floor, and may even pool beneath the rug.

Wet carpeting will dry on its upper surface first, since this is the portion exposed to the air. This, in turn, creates a dry layer which traps water in the lower parts of the carpet and reduces the rate of evaporation. The carpet will become a huge sheet of “floor mulch”, creating a wet microclimate underneath it which can only be detrimental to your floor.

The risks to wooden floors – warping, staining, and even possibly rotting if the water remains trapped long enough – are obvious. Although it might seem that linoleum and other floors might be immune to water damage from having a soggy carpet resting atop them, the truth is that the water can seep into crevices between the tiles, or around the edges of the room, penetrating into the subflooring and fostering the growth of mould and mildew. Mould growing in such an inaccessible place can cause allergy and health problems for many years to come.

Eliminating water through emergency carpet cleaning, a Sydney service offered by Spotless Cleaning Solutions, is the only way to avert water damaged carpet, flooring, and walls. Do not hesitate to call us at any time – the sooner we can arrive to help, the less costly and time-consuming the restoration work after flooding will be.