Stain Removal

stain-removal-imageA stain on your carpet is a shame forever. There are a plethora of materials that can leave a stain on your carpet lasting for years. Carpets are never stain proof and a very small accident can cause big damage to them. Your kids may spill a drink, your guests may drop a plate, and you may knock wine glass over the pricey carpets. Thankfully, our carpet cleaning services are not confined to cleaning the carpets alone, we offer full range of carpet and upholstery stain removal services in the most professional way ever.

Normal stains and grime are wiped off from the carpet and lounges during our professional cleaning process. But for stubborn stains, we take stubborn measures. From blood stain, red wine, ink to pet urine, lipstick and shoe polish, we are capable of removing all kinds of tough ones. Providing specialized treatments to remove stains, we strive to give hundred percent protection for your carpets, rugs and upholsteries.

We deal with a variety of stains and hence advise our customers to act quickly when spill occurs on carpets. The longer the stain remains, the harder it gets to remove it. On reacting instantly you can save damage to a great extent before we reach the spot. In case of blotting stains, it is best to dilute with water. Never allow stains to set and make sure not to soak the whole area. Remember to blot from edge of the spill towards center in order to avoid widespread staining. Using a special range of solutions and high-tech equipment, our professional team removes the stains in no time.

Striving for challenges, we look forward to remove stains with a more complex nature. Prepared to achieve maximum success, our stain removal process begins with evaluating the nature of the stain, the fabric affected, and duration of its presence. We deploy specific methods for specific stains and fabrics. Hence there is no harm for your carpets and rugs.