Twenty Four Hour Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

Although a wet carpet might not seem like an emergency that calls for immediate assistance even in the middle of the night, and although some people might think that such a carpet can be safely “left until morning”, the actual fact is that nothing could be further from the truth.

Carpeting is expensive, and whenever it becomes soaked – whether from rainwater, flooding, or the overflow of plumbing systems or burst pipes – then the water should be removed quickly to prevent costly permanent damage to both the rug and the floor beneath it. Carpeting which is left flooded can even be a health hazard due to the growth of mould, mildew, and fungi. This is the reason our firm, Spotless Cleaning Solutions (, offers professional twenty four hour carpet cleaning in Sydney.

When a water emergency of any kind occurs, our dedicated, well-trained, and highly experienced service personnel are standing by to assess the cost of water extraction, then begin the extraction immediately following your approval. We can not only remove water or sewage from carpets, but also from mattresses (another potential breeding ground of mould if left soggy). We also carry out highly effective water damage restoration following one of these unfortunate events to restore your possessions to a pristine, pre-flood condition.

Besides our twenty four hour carpet cleaning in the Sydney metropolitan area, we are also prepared to carry out more sedate cleaning tasks, including those leading up to a house sale, and the simple removal of garbage. Regularly scheduled cleaning services can be set up through us, ensuring that your home or business space remains fresh and hygienic at all times.

Our online quote form lets you transmit the information about the location you want cleaned at any time you have access to the Internet, and our staff will be in contact with you soon thereafter, during normal business hours. Whether you need assistance in rescuing your home from a midnight water emergency or need the wastepaper baskets in your office complex emptied every third day, Spotless Cleaning Solutions is standing by to help.