Efficient Emergency Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

There are few things more unpleasant for a homeowner to face – other than perhaps a destructive fire – than a large mass of carpeting that has become thoroughly drenched by some kind of flooding. It does not matter if your house has been wet down by the overflowing of a nearby stream during heavy storms, a burst pipe, or an accidental switching-on of the sprinkler system.

A whole wall to wall carpet soaked in water is a formidable cleaning task, and weighs a tremendous amount, making removal nearly impossible. However, all is not lost if your carpet become saturated in water, sewage, or other liquids – the efficient emergency carpet cleaning for Sydney offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by Spotless Cleaning Solutions (www.spotlesscleaningsolutions.com.au) will not only help you deal with such an unpleasant situation, but also erase all traces of it.

When you are confronted by a drenched carpet, many things pass through your mind. The first of these is probably the damage to the carpet itself – the potential for water stains spoiling its appearance and necessitating replacement of something that may be almost brand new, or else might be a valued antique. Even if there are no stains, the stale, hellish cheesy reek of prospering mould may soon rise from the rug, meaning that you will need to have it removed and burnt or thrown away.

The second problem that springs to mind is the damage to the house itself. Water trapped beneath the soggy weight of the carpet can easily cause the lower edges of wallpaper to peel, floorboards to warp or even rot, and synthetic floor tiles to loosen or develop mould in the inaccessible places beneath them. If you are in an apartment, water may eventually find its way through the floor and dribble into the lower apartments, prompting complaints and ill feelings. In short, the damage to the carpet is only one of many possible problems arising from flooding.

Fortunately, a single call to Spotless Cleaning Solutions will sweep away all these difficulties before they even get a chance to start. With our sophisticated water removal methods, cleaning techniques, and restoration skills, backed by many years of experience, we can restore your carpeting and cleanse your home of lingering moisture within a matter of hours. We are available around the clock for emergency carpet cleaning in Sydney – call us as soon as possible after the flooding, and we will be able to remove all signs of the accident and return your house to its usual clean, dry cosiness.