Coping with Carpet Water Damage

It would certainly not be exaggerating to say that moisture in any form is the foe of carpeting, and, by extension, of the carpet’s owner, whether the floor covering in question is the wall to wall carpeting in your living room, or the rugs which sheet the floors in a large office complex and reduce the clatter of footfalls that might distract the inhabitants of cubicles from their work.

Water in carpeting leads to everything from unpleasant stains and smells, to health-threatening mildew, to expensive damage to underlying flooring. Carpet water damage is best dealt with by the services of water removal professionals like our firm, Spotless Cleaning Solutions, which is on call twenty-four hours a day, year round.

A wet carpet is not something that can simply be left to dry out, assuming that a sizable amount of water has been unleashed on your unfortunate floor covering. It is the seed of other, much more major, problems, and once water, sewage, or other liquids have drenched a carpet, it is urgent to deal with this contamination immediately. Every hour increases the risk of permanent damage to the carpet itself, of the establishment of mould colonies, and of warping or discoloration of the flooring beneath.

One call to us at any hour of the day or night will result in the prompt dispatch of a carpet cleaning professional. On arrival at the site, this individual will assess the scale of the carpet water damage, make a plan of what needs to be done to correct it, and make an accurate, complete estimate of the charges you are likely to pay for the task. Immediately on receiving your sanction, they will start the process of extracting the water and restoring your carpet and building to its pre-flooding condition.

Carpet water damage is a serious matter and we treat your problems with the speed, accuracy, and effective solutions that you need. Spotless Cleaning Solutions is your best option for dealing fast and properly with Sydney area carpet flooding accidents.