Erasing Flood Damage from Sydney Floors

When you are confronted by a floor that has just been flooded by water – or even worse, sewage or some other type of contaminated liquid – your first thought is probably that the building is ruined, and that you will never be able to restore it to the pristine condition that it was in before the unfortunate event. Though cleaning up a flooded house or commercial space is a daunting task, it is one that our highly trained professionals at Spotless Cleaning Solutions are ready to tackle with gusto and success.

Complete erasure of the flood damage, so that nobody would ever know the accident had happened, is possible in the vast majority of cases as long as you get professional cleaning help within the first few hours after the problem occurs. A blend of experience, technology, high quality cleaning products, and speed are essential to restoration after a flood, and by bringing these to bear, we will save your carpeting, the floors beneath it, and any furniture that might have been involved in the flooding, too. Emergency carpet cleaning is our specialty!

The first part of the task is to extract as much of the water as possible, a job which cannot be done with a few paper towels or an ordinary wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Our team will bring the latest methods and equipment, as well as tried and true techniques which never lose their value, to bear on removing as much as of the water from the floors as possible. Before you know it, your water-damaged carpet will be dry and clean.

Once the heavy water extraction has been done, it is time to turn to a rapid, thorough, detailed restoration program that will save you thousands of dollars of repair bills, as well as sparing you the health risks of mould and the unsightliness of stains or warping. This can involve carpet stain removers, treatments, dry cleaning and steam cleaning.

Recovering your building from flooding is work involving a combination of cleaning and drying which applies a range of different procedures and washing products to the varied materials affected by the problem. Rugs, floorboards, wallboard, wallpaper, furniture, and tiling are all restored carefully and at a very affordable rate by Spotless Cleaning Solutions. We are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you – call us or visit us at to get all the help you need for erasing flood damage from Sydney floors.